Dealing with Self-Criticism


Hi everyone, and welcome to the Limitless Podcast. My name is Radhika and I'm the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission is to inspire you to believe that you are limitless. Today we'll be talking about how to deal with self criticism. 


How do you deal with self criticism? 

When you're being really critical of yourself? I think it's important to look at that criticism and see if it's helping you. Are you learning something from being critical? Or is it just being detrimental to yourself? Are you looking at a past experience and saying if I were in that experience again, I would do x, y, and z so in the future in a similar situation I can do something different that I learned? Or are you being critical and saying, “Oh, I failed here. I'm bad. I'm not good.” All of these negative self-talks in your head as you're just sitting there and already feeling terrible about yourself is not helpful. What do you do when you feel bad about yourself? Probably nothing healthy. You indulge in all the things you normally don't do or you just end up wasting time feeling bad about yourself. What good is that? Why go down that spiral and go down that hole? Sometimes we can't control it, and it just takes a hold of us completely, but I really think we can train ourselves to learn when we're being critical. For example, if you try to catch yourself every time you're being critical and ask yourself, “Is this helping me or hurting me?” And then make your decision based on that, then over time you'll catch it earlier and earlier. Over time, you won't let it take hold of you. You’ll be able to look at the criticism and take it In a positive way where you're learning from it or if it's negative just completely stop or change your mind or go into a new scenario so you don't go down that negative spiral.

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