What Makes Art Valuable


Welcome to the Limitless Podcast, my name is Radhika and I’m the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission is to inspire you to believe that you are limitless. 

What makes art in general valuable to someone? 

How it makes them feel. How a piece of artwork makes somebody feel is what determines its value to them. For example, if it takes them to a certain memory, or to a certain place, reminds them of a person, that is what you’re looking for. It has to take them somewhere. It has to take them on a journey, or tell a story and you have to bring that person in. If they are brought in, that is what creates the value because they fall in love with it. It could be really specific details, for example the actual item that is painted, or it could be the colors. It could be anything about the painting, but it just touches them in a way that they want or weren’t expecting. This is why it would be valuable to them and why they would want that piece of artwork in the future. I really create my art to make somebody feel something. I test it out by seeing if I, personally, feel something when I look at it and then share it with the people around me and see what their reactions are. I do this because if you don’t feel anything, there’s no point. The whole point to me is for that piece to make you feel something and take you somewhere. It could be somewhere completely different, but it still takes you on that journey. I’d love to know your thoughts too on what makes art valuable to you.

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