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Welcome to The Limitless Blog! My name is Radhika and I'm the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission is to inspire you to believe that you are limitless.

Why did you decide to be an artist?

I never decided to be an artist. I’ve always been an artist. Growing up, I liked to draw. I liked to do a lot of crafts. I just liked to create things in my free time. That's what I've always done, so for me, I've been an artist ever since I was little. It just depends how much of an artist I was at any given point.


What was your thought process behind pursuing art full time?

When I thought about what I would do if I had all the money in the world, all the time in the world, and whatever I worked on would be successful, I thought art, which is why I'm pursuing it full time.


What are the art mediums that you prefer to work with?

I like drawing with pencil, which is, I think how I first started and now I really like to draw and illustrate with markers, whether that's water-based or alcohol based markers or paint with acrylic paints.


What made you want to use those?

I think I started with pencil, like just plain pencil drawings, because that's the easiest thing to get your hands on and so that's what I had growing up.

Then that turned into like, oh, I've always wanted to paint, so in high school I started painting, which was really exciting. I did acrylics and oils, but I like acrylics because they dry a lot faster. It's a lot easier to do the next layer because they dry faster, so I liked that medium.

Then recently I got into markers, which I really enjoy because you can bring your design to life very quickly. You don't have to do a ton of layers upon layers, or you can do layers very, very quickly as well. You can just sketch something out, add the colors, and then all of a sudden you have a piece that's been brought to life.


What about digital art, like using procreate? How does that compare to the physical art that you do?

Well, I love digital art because I can take it anywhere. So if I'm on a plane or if I'm not at home, I can actually create anywhere that I am. That's my favorite thing about digital art. I don't think it replaces the physical art tools… that you can actually hold in your hand and tangibly feel. You can pick, in Procreate, different brushes to use that are replicated, but it's completely different. It's not like painting. It is a paint brush, but you have to relearn what is digital painting. It's a different tool.

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