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Weekly Limitless Pill Blog

  • “In any kind of high pressure situation 75% of success is staying calm and not losing your nerve.” - Sam Kass

    How do you handle being in high pressure situations? Some people flounder under stress and others remain calm even though both are trying to solve the issue at hand. Sam Kass explains what success looks like in high pressure situations. “In any kind of high pressure situation… 75% of success is staying calm and not losing your nerve. The rest you figure out, but once you lose your calm, everything else starts falling apart fast”.

  • “Practice Going First” - Gabby Reece

    Gabby Reece tells us she always says “I’ll go first. If I'm checking out at the store I’ll say hello first. If I’m coming across someone making eye-contact I’ll smile first. Not all times, but most times — it comes in your favor.” Do you go first or do you wait for someone else to go first?
  • "Losers have goals. Winners have systems.” - Scott Adams

    Scott Adams says to choose projects and habits that give you transferable skills or relationships that you can use in the future. If we break this down to determine the difference between goals and systems, we can ask ourselves, “What short-term goal can I achieve?” or “What persistent skills or relationships can I develop?” The second question leads to a system which allows us to fail in reaching some of our short term goals, but in the long-term, it adds value. 

  • "What you track determines your lens — chose carefully” - Seth Godin

    why are we, “keeping track of how many times we’ve been rejected…[or] of how many times it didn’t work… [or] all the times someone has broken our heart or double crossed us or let us down”? What good does that do for us? Is it making us better? Most likely, it isn’t. It’s just causing you to focus on things that are generally negative. 

  • "Don’t be a dog— think ‘what if’” - Matt Mullenweg

    When asked about advice he’d give to someone, Matt Mullenweg thinks back to the early days of WordPress. Matt says they always used to think, “okay, if we do X today, what does that result in tomorrow, a year from now, or even ten years from now?”. He contrasted this to the metaphor of a dog chasing a car. What would the dog do if he actually catches the car? He doesn’t have a plan, all he can think of is getting to the car. Mullenweg says he finds this same thinking with entrepreneurs. He says, “[they] don’t plan for success”.  Therefore Mullenweg’s advice is, “don’t be a dog — think ‘what if’”.

  • "The ice bath is the greatest of all. It’s just magic.” - Rick Rubin

    When discussing what he does to take care of his body, he describes exercise and meditation, but “the ice bath is the greatest of all. It’s just magic”. 

  • “If [more] information was the answer, then we’d all be billionaires with perfect abs” - Derek Sivers

    Really look at your current lifestyle and see what you are doing consistently and how it is affecting you. For example, if you are watching a ton of TikToks everyday, realize that and then change your behavior to match what your goal is, by actually trying the recipes or the life hacks. 

  • “It Could Always be Worse” - Joe De Sena

    If we think about our daily lives and our stresses, we might realize just how superficial they really are. We might worry about what other people think of us, what we wear or if we responded to a work email correctly. We aren’t worried about where we are going to eat next or if we’ll have shelter. Joe’s whole purpose for his races is to get us in that mindset. Away from all the stresses of everyday life and just survive. It gives you a new sense of what is actually important, and that it is not material things. 

  • “Play! Play More!” - Jason Nemer

    When asked what he’d put on a billboard, Jason easily responded with, “Play! Play more”. He said he feels people are “too serious” and “it really doesn’t take much…to drop back into the wisdom of childlike playfulness”. The two things he’d prescribe to improve health and happiness are movement and play because they are intertwined and you can’t have one without the other.

  • "Discipline Equals Freedom" - Jocko Willink

    Jocko says that if he had to put something on a billboard it would be “discipline equals freedom”. This seems a little contradictory at first, but he essentially means that you can use positive constraints to increase perceived free-will and results. While you might think having nothing to do all day is the dream, it can actually be daunting because you continually have every option available to you. You’ll have to think about “what to do next” all day which can lead to decision fatigue.

  • "Give the Mind an Overnight Task" - Reid Hoffman

    Almost every single day before sleeping Reid Hoffman jots down problems in a notebook that he wants his mind to work on overnight. He says that “most of our thinking is subconscious” and he wants to use the relaxation and rejuvenation period during sleep to possibly bubble up thoughts and solutions to the problem he wrote out.
  • "Pick the Right Audience to Suck In Front of." - Tracy DiNunzio

    Tracy gives advice for those pitching to investors. She says, “make your first 10 meetings with investors you don’t really want funding from, because you’re probably going to suck in the beginning”. This concept is originally about pitching to investors, but can be applied to anything. If you have a big dance recital coming up, start showing your friends and family, then a larger group of people and eventually you’ll be ready for the big stage!