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Welcome to The Limitless Blog! My name is Radhika and I'm the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission is to inspire you to believe that you are limitless.

What kind of advice would you give to somebody who's learning and wants to jump into art? What is your advice to them to really get over the initial hump to build the skills and to stick with it?

The internet is your best friend and I say that because you can learn everything online. Whether you use YouTube or articles on Google, people show you step by step tutorials. So, if that's a video, they'll show you step by step how they draw, how they paint, what colors they're mixing, and how much they're mixing. Or for example, the fashion illustrations -- I learned how to draw them online. I looked up how to draw fashion illustrations, how to draw a figure, what are the dimensions, and then measured it all out to draw it. That's how I learned. So I would say any question that you have, anything you want to learn, just type it into Google and learn that way.


You've also built a pretty significant social following in the last few months, what would you say has been the biggest factor to helping you build that following?

I would say being genuine and then posting consistently. So I make it a really big point to reply to all of my comments that I receive, reply to all the DMS and stay in touch with my followers, ask them questions, but then reply to them when they answer my questions. So I do a lot to engage with the community and I'm genuine in that way. And then the second piece is posting consistently. So I'm again, engaging with the community in a different way. 


How does it feel to have launched and have had a successful launch? How does it feel to know that your art is now displayed all across the country, soon to be all across the world?

It is so exciting. It feels like a dream. It just doesn't feel real. I've thought of doing this for so long or like, what if? Is this a possibility? And not only is it a possibility, it's reality. So that's really, really exciting and I'm so pumped to just continue to grow it.


What kind of advice do you have for budding content creators that are trying to figure out “how do I make my content pop?” What really captures the audience's attention?

I would say, make sure your content is high quality. And that means if you're using a phone or professional grade camera or video camera, first of all, make sure you have those tools. So you start at a high level. And then second of all, think of what you would find interesting. What do you want to watch? Where’s the platform to watch three hours of someone painting and where's the platform to watch twenty hours worth of work in ten seconds? So really think about it that way and then create content. 


Have you found any kind of life hacks for the equivalent of writer's block, but for artists? Because transitioning from doing art as a hobby to full-time really means that you're a professional and being a professional means not waiting around for inspiration to strike you, but to rather consistently create. Do you have any tips or tricks for people that are trying to consistently create and not wait around for inspiration? 

It's the same thing as what I've heard with the writer's block is to write. So if you're trying to consistently create, just create. Whatever that means to you. So let's say your normal medium is painting, but for whatever reason, it's not working out. How about try drawing something? How about try a different medium? What if you go outside and painted today? Just switch up an item, but do it anyway. Like you said, you can't wait around for the inspiration. You just have to do it and doing it every day, you'll create a masterpiece.

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