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The Limitless Blog

  • Education Outside of the Classroom

    I think education is so much bigger than just what you learn at school and in the classroom. It’s everything around you - it’s what you’re watching, what you’re reading, who you’re talking to, and what you’re talking to them about. 
  • Building Resilience

    I think it’s really just about taking it one day at a time and seizing the moment and the opportunity you have. Even this week, if you can think okay I can’t work out today but I know I can tomorrow, really seizing that opportunity and focusing on doing again. Instead of focusing on the time that was missed. That’s the only way to get back up and start doing what you were doing or always wanted to do.
  • Expectation of those involved with Jiva More Life

    Or if you've seen something that works really well, communicate that, and if something doesn't work well, communicate that as well, because we're all here to build the brand and make it better. That's why I'm really looking for people who are accountable, have great communication and are passionate about the brand and spreading the you are limitless message.
  • Dealing with Limiting Beliefs Through Self-Care

    Other things that really help me if I'm having limiting beliefs is creating a self care space...Just really get the things that make me excited and that make me happy and comfortable Once I’m comfortable, I create a lot more and then see what inspires me and create from there

  • Identifying Fears

    I’m scared to sell out. I would love for that to happen, I sell out, what if I can't fulfill the orders? When I’m feeling that kind of fear inside of me I try to stop and say yeah, you do want the orders. We do want to sell out... it would be worth it. Be excited and know that you'll have everything that you need to handle it when it does come.

  • You Have to Invest First

    I absolutely love creating art, but I think it's such a great vessel to spread this message. How do you remind someone that they are limitless everyday? I can't call them everyday, but this piece of art is that reminder. They can look at it everyday and remember that message that You Are Limitless.

  • Reality Hacking

    It's not just you. While you do have to put in the hard work and you do have to take advantage of the opportunities around you, you can't control everything.

  • Using Your Voice

    We're not telling ourselves in the moment you can do anything. And why not? We're holding ourselves back. The message You Are Limitless was created to inspire people

  • Becoming Yourself

    There’s many different paths to making my dreams coming true and to achieve greatness, not just one. When I saw other people doing things unconventionally and making it, it made me think, why not me?


  • Elevate Your Mindset

    Changing your environment or doing something your enjoy can help change your mindset and the way you feel over time.

  • The Message -- You Are Limitless

    If everyone felt like they could do anything they wanted the world would look very different and people would be a lot happier.

  • Sharing In-Person Energy

    I love being able to see people's reactions and connections to the brand in real-time since I originally started Jiva More Life over quarantine and everything was online.