The Limitless Blog

  • Elevate Your Mindset

    Changing your environment or doing something your enjoy can help change your mindset and the way you feel over time.

  • The Message -- You Are Limitless

    If everyone felt like they could do anything they wanted the world would look very different and people would be a lot happier.

  • Sharing In-Person Energy

    I love being able to see people's reactions and connections to the brand in real-time since I originally started Jiva More Life over quarantine and everything was online.

  • Your Mindset Shapes Your Reality

    It's important to recognize when you are beginning to be negative so you can stop that thought patten. Also, it’s really helpful to find joy in even the smallest of things.

  • Self Work Through Building Habits

    Use habits to work on yourself and the best way to start a habit is to commit to doing it everyday.



  • Perspective Shift

    Your environment has a really big impact on your perspective, especially now that many of us are doing all of our work at home. Not only can changing your environment change your perspective, but reading can change your perspective as well.

  • How to Be More Creative

    The best way to become more creative is to create more. Just make yourself do it because as you create more you’ll get inspired and want to keep going and get more ideas.

  • When Stress Leads to Overthinking

    Stress can lead to overthinking which helps you to focus and solve a problem, but it can also easily spiral and cause you to no longer be productive and can actually be harmful to you.

  • Dealing with Stress

    When you’re under a lot of stress you have to focus on the things that make you happy and start there to break your mind out of the loop of overthinking. These can be really simple like going for a walk, taking a bath or doing something creative. But you have to do something and really immerse your mind into it.

  • Grow Past Your Fears

    The best way to grow from your setbacks is to learn. Go back through what you did and see how you can do better or maybe understand that was the best you could do at the time. Then be sure to write these down, take note of them so in the future you can actually make the changes and improve.

  • Entrepreneurship: Fear is Nothing New

    When I started Jiva I was afraid of failing. We’re taught that failing is bad and succeeding is the only answer, but when we’re kids we only learn how to do things by doing them over and over again, failing until we get it right. As we get older, we need to remember that failing is a part of growing and succeeding and it’s going to happen so we shouldn’t be afraid of it.

  • Your Mind vs Yourself

    While having a strong mindset can benefit you and help you achieve your goals, your mind can sabotage you as well. Realizing that you and your mind are separate from each other will help you overcome your fears and take on new challenges that could be amazing for you!