Following Your Dreams Takes Courage


Welcome to the Limitless Podcast, my name is Radhika and I’m the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission is to inspire you to believe that you are limitless. Today we’ll be talking about how you have to have courage to follow your dreams.

Following your dreams takes courage. What allowed you to take the plunge?

I completely agree that following your dreams takes a lot of courage especially when your dreams are in an industry or field that you are not currently in or isn’t normal for you, your family or your social groups and the people that you’re around. I think that courage shouldn’t be overlooked. I hear people all the time that tell me, “oh my god, you’re following your dreams! That’s amazing!”. But they don’t think about how hard it actually is to make that big jump in your career or what you are doing. What really allowed me to take the plunge is I realized I wasn’t happy. I didn’t love what I was doing everyday and I was actually pretty miserable. It wasn’t that I mostly liked it, but there was just a few things I didn’t. That’s how it was when I started, I liked a ton of things about the work I was doing, and only disliked a few aspects of the job. However, over time, I think different pieces of the job became bigger so I had to do a lot more work for the things I didn’t like to do. With COVID and everything being shut down, it became a lot harder to work in healthcare, especially in sales. It was very difficult to get to my customers and clients to meet and talk with them. All of these things basically disappeared. That was essentially my favorite part of the job. I loved going to outpatient centers and hospitals, figuring out what their problems were and how we could solve them. Sometimes we could solve them with the product that I sold, but other times we had to set them up with a bunch of different products or a specific strategy or other people on our team. I really loved coming in from that consulting standpoint to help to solve these problems. When COVID hit, all of a sudden, there were no more meetings in person, it was all on a zoom call. How are you going to figure out how to help somebody on a 20 minute zoom call when they’re getting interrupted every so often because of their patients and dealing with COVID all of the time and your product doesn’t help them deal with COVID and their immediate issue at hand? It was very difficult to be in that position and I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. Once I realized I wasn’t enjoying it, I looked for ways to make it better, and how I could make it work, and I realized I had this dream to become an artist. I’ve had this dream ever since I was little, and during COVID I began seeing all these people on social media around me that were getting really popular, blowing up, starting their careers and I thought “why not me?”. I could do that right now. I could totally switch career paths and become an artist. And, if for whatever reason I don’t like it or it doesn’t work out, then I could always come back to healthcare. It will always be here. That stability of knowing that I could always come back also really helped me to make the jump. I realized I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing and I had other dreams that I wanted to pursue. I am still young so why not go for it? I also didn’t have any other financial responsibilities besides myself so I could take that plunge. Those are the things that really helped me take that leap and really jump into becoming an artist full time and making that switch from healthcare to entrepreneurship and running my own business.

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