Dealing with Limiting Beliefs Through Self-Care


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How do you deal with limiting beliefs when you're creating new art?

I try really hard to go in without any preconceived notions because if I try to go and paint something really specific, it usually doesn’t turn out that well. Of if I go in the studio with a time limit, for example, this painting should be done in three hours, then it also doesn't turn out really well. Usually I'm only halfway through at the three-hour mark. Instead, what I try to do is to go in with a very general concept and see what speaks to me and what I create in the moment. Other things that really help me if I'm having limiting beliefs is creating a self care space. For example, I go into a space where there's a lot of windows. That’s something that I love about the art studio that I work in; it has so many huge windows to let the light in. I also like to play my own music, have some snacks, or a sparkling water. Just really get the things that make me excited and that make me happy and comfortable Once I’m comfortable, I create a lot more and then see what inspires me and create from there. To sum it up, when I go into the studio, I may have a general topic, but I try not to limit myself in any sort of way when I'm creating and that includes what my output is going to be.

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This is great. I think it is really important to realize when you are having limiting beliefs and then also finding out what you can do to not let yourself fall into that pattern. I think the self-care is important for anyone and can help in a ton of situations, not just the one you described here.


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