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Hi everyone and welcome to The Limitless Podcast. My name is Radhika and I'm the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission is to inspire you to believe that you are limitless. Today I'm talking about how I elevate my mindset when it's not helping me.


What do you do when your current mindset is hindering your quality of life?

I try to change my environment. I think my environment has a huge impact on the way I feel, what I'm thinking about and the how I'm thinking about it. If I'm not having a great mindset or I'm not in a great head space, I look to change my environment. For example, that can mean going outside or if I'm outside, going inside would be great. If you're alone, then meeting with friends, or read a good book, listen to some great music, maybe even dance a little bit. Really just do something different, something fun or what you feel like is fun. That’ll slowly start to change the way you feel and change your mindset over time.


Can you give us an example of when an obstacle or roadblock actually became an asset?

I think one of the obstacles that I faced early on was that I started my business during COVID. Since I started then, there were no in-person events. I really thought when I would be able to share my vision with others and talk to people and show them the art in person, I would be able to sell it. However, since there were no in-person events, I couldn’t share it directly with people. Instead, everything was online. I think that actually turned into an asset because I was able to really focus in on content creation, how to make videos, transitions, how to make them entertaining, how use TikTok, and Instagram reels. I really focused in on that. Pass forward to now, I'm really good at creating them and they're so much easier and faster to create than when I started. The best part is that Instagram is promoting reels on its own and since I focused on creating TikTok’s for so long, the transition to making reels was quick. I also transitioned easily from photos to videos because I had that time to focus on it.

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I love this! I do the same thing when I realize my mindset is starting to get negative. I like to call up a girlfriend and go to lunch or even just getting out of the house is really helpful for me. I notice I will come back and be 100 times happier and ready to tackle whatever situation was stressing me out.


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