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Good morning and welcome to The Limitless Blog. My name is Radhika and I'm the founder of Jiva more life. Our mission here is to inspire you to believe that you are limitless. Today, we're talking about how to grow past your fears.


On the other side of your biggest fear is your biggest success story. Can you give me an example of when you faced a fear that you had and what the result was?

For me, that's this podcast because it's so different than talking to somebody one-on-one. Initially, I was afraid of doing it or held myself back a little bit when thinking about recording it or got nervous doing it. In reality, however, this has been the biggest thing that's been getting traction lately on social media and that’s been the best thing. I've been getting more interactions with people, hearing more people's ideas and connecting with more people because of this podcast. While it was one of my biggest fears to start it, it's been a success story on the other side because of how much engagement I'm getting with it.


How do you grow from your past setbacks?

The best way to grow from them is to learn. Go through the things that went right, maybe the things that didn't go right and see how you wish you would have done better, what you maybe could have done better, or understand maybe that was the best that you could do. That way in the future since you've had that experience, think about what could you do instead?

I really think learning from the experience helps you not carry your past setbacks forward with you, and instead, you take all the learnings and the gems of knowledge that could help you in the future.


Are there any tools that you use specifically to help you learn from your past?

I think the two biggest tools are reading and writing. The best way to think about it is if you are under thinking –read. You’ll get new ideas, new concepts, new advice, and other people's experiences. If you're overthinking, there's already too much information in your brain so –write, journal, and find a way to get it out. Determining which to use depending on if you’re overthinking or under thinking will really help you grow and learn from your experiences.


How is integrity important for growth?

Integrity is important when you're growing, because if you don't keep your word to yourself in the small things, how will you keep your word to yourself and the larger things? In one of the books I'm reading, this guy talks about how he has a friend who's always a little bit late to things and always just a little bit late in general. Then that same guy wonders why he doesn't want to go in business with him. He explains it like if you can't even show up to the little things, how are you going to make good business decisions when they actually matter? I think integrity and holding yourself to your word is huge. That’s the whole piece of growth, then you can make the things that you want to do actually happen.

Growth is about saying something and then doing it and then doing it consistently to the point where you have a track record with yourself that you can do it. For example, if you say you're going to work out for a hundred days, every single day without fail, and then you actually make that happen, when you get to the a hundredth day and you say I'm going to work out for another a hundred days, you know you can make it happen or anything. This applies to anything, if you say you're going to do it, you will because you just did it before with the workout.

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I have definitely done the same thing and it’s turned out for the better! Now I always do my best to try new things because like you said it might just turn out to be awesome.


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