Identifying Fears


Hello and welcome to The Limitless Blog! My name is Radhika and I'm the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission here is to inspire you to believe that You Are Limitless.


How do you recognize and identify fears that are holding you back?

I try to be aware of how things make me feel. For example, if there's a podcast topic someone suggests that's very relevant in my life right now, I might tense up at the thought of talking about it because it feels really personal. It might still feel a little bit raw, but then at the same time, when I feel that feeling, it’s a little bit scared and a little bit nervous. I’m not sure if I should be talking about this right now, or I feel like I need more time to go through this situation before I can talk about it. I pause and take a minute and think well, what if I could help somebody by sharing my story? The whole purpose of this podcast is to share my journey, what I'm going through, and what I'm learning, in the hopes that I can help somebody else with what they're struggling with or what they're doing in their life right now. I really try to be aware of those feelings because sometimes the fear can be a good thing. For example, I’m scared to sell out. I would love for that to happen, but then if I sell out, what if I can't fulfill the orders? Do I even want that many orders? When I’m feeling that kind of fear inside of me I try to stop and say yeah, you do want the orders. We do want to sell out. If we're not able to fulfill, we'll figure it out. We have help. We can ask our friends, we can ask our family, we can work a couple of crazy nights, but it would be worth it. Don't be scared of the success. Be excited and know that you'll have everything that you need to handle it when it does come.

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I really like how you brought up an actual fear you have about selling out. I think that’s a really real fear for anyone, like being too successful. People I think like to act like how could you be scared of the best possible outcome? But like you said the fear is not about making it, it’s can you fulfill all of the orders? I think it’s really important to slow down and stop for a minute to remember that you will be able to handle it when it comes.


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