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Hi everyone and welcome to The Limitless Blog. I'm Radhika and I'm the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission is to inspire you to believe that you are limitless. Something can seem like work or play, but it really depends on your perspective. That's what we're talking about today.


You recently moved; how did changing your environment change you?

I think changing my environment really has a big impact on me because of how much I work in it. For example, your environment, your house, your apartment is where you're living, eating, sleeping. You do everything there. For me, it's where I'm creative, whether that's drawing and painting, or even working on the business side, doing social. In our new place we’re right in the middle of downtown, which is super exciting, there's hustle and bustle, things are going on, and that makes it super fun. You can feel that energy around you and at the same time since our apartment's on the seventh floor, we have a gorgeous view and a patio. We can go outside instantly, anytime we want, we can be outside. We also have huge windows so we can see the outside environment, see the sunshine, and that's so inspiring. It’s so uplifting without having to do anything that I think it has a really big, profound impact on me.


How has reading helped you shift your perspective?

I think reading is really cool because there are so many books out there and you can find books that are really specific to what you're looking for, whether you're learning how to improve your habits, or you're learning how to not be negative or have a positive mindset. There are specific books on every single topic that you could imagine, or you can find like general books where you learn about other people's successes and other people's stories. What's cool is you can learn something specific from a book to help you right now in your life or you can read someone's story and something may connect with you that changes how you see things or where you can go or what you can do. It really just impacts your mentality right in that moment. And you wouldn't have had that perspective unless you are reading it because this has already happened most likely or someone is putting together all of their thoughts and knowledge into a piece for you.

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I feel like I can relate to this a lot. When I started working from home it was kind of a shock because I realized I really was spending 99% of my day at home. I really had to start forcing myself to go outside for a walk or go to the grocery because I got so used to just being cozy at home. I noticed once I started going outside even for 15-20mins in the sunshine I would feel so much better. I don’t read too often but you are definitely making me want to. I’d love to hear about your top 3 books you’d recommend to someone wanting to start reading.


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