Self Care and Entrepreneurship

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Welcome to The Limitless Blog! My name is Radhika and I'm the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission is to inspire you to believe that you are limitless.

What has entrepreneurship taught you about self care?

It's taught me that self care is very important since you are your own boss. You're the one telling yourself what to do, so the work never ends. You could always be working on it in the morning or at night, and during any spare time you have. You could take up all your self-care time really easily with work so you have to prioritize your self care to make it happen. Otherwise you will burn out really easily. You might have a week where you use all 20 hours of spare time you had to build this business, but then the next two weeks you don't do anything. You have to think --was it worth it? It's about finding a balance and focusing on self care is really important.


What advice do you have for somebody that is dealing with burnout?

I think understanding that you're dealing with burnout is key. Recognizing it first and then taking a break, saying it's okay to take a break, and then doing everything that replenishes you and rejuvenates you for one to two weeks will make a difference. Just give yourself way more time than you think you need, because then you'll actually be able to be rejuvenated.


Has your fitness journey helped you with your creativity?

I would say that it has, because having a fitness routine where I work out every single day gives me the space to create. I'm doing something physical with my body, getting the endorphins, getting excited, waking up and working out in the morning. Then, after that, I am excited and that excitement goes into the creativity and gives me more space and drive to create than if I were to wake up and just walk into the studio.


What are some unexpected aspects you had to deal with while building an art business?

I think the hardest thing is having a vulnerable, emotional state. I'm used to being very level headed, planning things out, getting things done, and being organized. If I say I'm going to do something, I'm just going to do it, no questions about it. But when you're an entrepreneur creating a business, your emotional state goes up and down so much, day to day, or even every few hours so you're not expecting it. Something could happen and you'll have the best day ever and then something else happens and you're like, “oh my god. This business is failing.” and those emotions come to you in the same day. So how do you deal with that? How in the low points, do you not let it completely take over because you're going to come back up, right? And then in the high moments, how do you make those last longer? So that I think has been one of the most difficult aspects to deal with when creating a business.


Do you have any tips for entrepreneurs that are dealing with that up and down?

I think that comes back to the self care. That's really important. While you can say “I have a self-care routine, I'm already doing it every day.” If you're feeling up and down emotionally, it means you need some extra love. Maybe you need to go on a walk. Maybe you need to take a bath. Maybe you need to watch your favorite show every single day and take that hour out to do it. Like you need something else. You need to give some more love for yourself so you can become more stable to where you are able to accomplish what you're looking to do.


What's your definition of discipline?

Discipline is doing what you set your mind to. So if you decide you're going to do something you follow through with it, regardless of the circumstance. You also plan ahead so you know it'll happen. You don't want to let your circumstances happen to you. You don’t want to be in a place where you think, “Oh, I didn't work out today and I know I’m supposed to do it everyday, but I’ll just do it tomorrow.” You have to switch it to “I decide I'm going to do it every single day, so it doesn't matter what's going to come up, I'm going to do physical activity every day.” Then, if I know I have an event, how can I make sure I get my physical activity in, whatever that might be, before the event happens.

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