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Hi everyone and welcome to The Limitless Blog. My name is Radhika and I'm the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission is to inspire you to believe that you are limitless. Today, we'll be talking about my mission and purpose. We’ll also discuss why we do what we do here at Jiva More Life, including this podcast.


Why is your message “You are limitless”?

I chose the message “you are limitless” because I really wanted to inspire everyone to believe that they could follow their dreams. I didn't always think that I could start my own business or pursue art full time. I think that really hindered me because I didn't look at it as a full-time career, I only looked at it as a hobby. However, now I've turned it into my career, into my full-time job, and into a business. I really want other people to feel that way about their dreams and feel like they can follow whatever they’re passionate about and really go after it, regardless of the dream. If you believe you are limitless and you believe you can do anything, then you will follow your dreams.


What do you think would happen if everybody on earth listened to your message?

I think everyone would be much happier. They'd be excited to wake up every day. They'd be excited to go to work because work is now their dream that they get to build. Everyday that excitement would fuel them to build more and I think everyone would innovate more as well. We would see so much more innovation in every field because now everyone is pursuing their dream or what really love to do. I really think the world would look very different because people would be much happier and excited to be doing what they love everyday.

This would then translate into us seeing the outcomes of that as the innovation.

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I think you’re right, when you say a lot of people would be happier. There’s so many people that are held back by limiting beliefs or just feeling like they can’t do certain things so they end up in a lifecycle or job they hate. I think that your message is so important to inspire and let people know that they CAN actually achieve whatever they want to. Keep going girl!!


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