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Hello and welcome to The Limitless Blog! My name is Radhika and I'm the founder of Jiva More Life. Our mission is to inspire you to believe that You Are Limitless.


How do you get buy in for people around you and building your company?

I really focus on the message and the message of Jiva More Life is to inspire you to believe that You Are Limitless because anything that we believe comes true. Mindset is really important. For example, if you tell yourself that you're not good enough, you'll never be good enough. Or if you say I can't do something, then you will never be able to do it. But if you say I can, or I'm learning or I'm trying, or I will get better, then you are manifesting that and you are believing that. You're working towards building to that. That's the really the core message and what I explain to people around me. I absolutely love creating art, but I think it's such a great vessel to spread this message. How do you remind someone that they are limitless everyday? I can't call them everyday. You're not going to call them every day, but this piece of art is that reminder. They can look at it everyday and remember that message that You Are Limitless. That is really what I'm trying to do with Jiva More Life.

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I think this is really important! If you don’t believe in you, or your company why should anyone else?


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