Radhika Vazirani, Fractional COO

As a Fractional COO, I  set up and maintain a foundation for your business. I can also manage your day to day operations so you have more time to focus on growing your business.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand what it's like to manage and run a company and therefore want to help make your life easier.


What does a Fractional COO do? Here are a few examples:

  • Set up organizational systems to streamline your business
  • Manage the progress of your projects
  • Utilize project management software to keep you organized
  • Organize your documents and schedule
  • Help you break up your goals into specific targets
  • Follow through on your goals until we reach them

I enjoy learning and have a passion for excellence as well as the ability to strategize and prioritize effectively.

If you’re looking for someone who is dedicated to helping you succeed, email me so we can start the conversation!



(1) Founder and CEO, Jiva More Life

2020 - Present
  • Manage all aspects of the business including Creating Artwork, Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation, Sales Strategy, Customer Service, and Events.
  • At Jiva More Life, our goal is inspire you to believe that You Are Limitless through artwork. We create and sell dreamscape mini-paintings, art prints, and digital wallpapers.
  • https://jivamorelife.com/

    (2) General Manager, WhatIsUp Media

    2022 - Present
    • Onboard clients, set up weekly content calendar, create contracts, send invoices, and track analytics.
    • Set up onboarding system for new clients. Created roles and responsibilities list for team members and new hires.
    • WhatIsUp Media is a Social Media Agency that focuses on telling authentic stories through the power of content creation. 
    • https://www.whatisupmedia.com/

    (3) Project Manager, Lasso Gear

    2022 - Present
    • Manage Social Media Agency to make sure that the social media marketing aligns with the company's goals, brand, and timeline.
    • Lasso Gear creates compression socks designed to improve movement and recovery.
    • https://www.lassogear.com/

    (4) Project Manager, JS Noor

    2022 - Present
    • Manage project goals, tasks and timelines including marketing campaigns, brand rebuild, and new product launches.
    • Set-up organizational system utilizing Notion, Asana, GoogleDrive, and Airtable.
    • JS Noor is a high-end jewelry brand that focuses on bold, elegant, and earth-inspired works of art.
    • https://jsnoor.com/

    (5) General Manager, Valor Media

    • Created systems utilizing Google Sheets and Trello to streamline the Operations, Fulfillment, Marketing, and Sales department.
      • The Fulfillment Process made sure we were delivering services to customers on time and meeting their expectations.
      • The Marketing & Sales Process tracked our ad campaigns and lead quality to determine which ad sets to put more spend behind.
    • Set up Sales CRM system and trained sales team. Conducted interviews, hired, and managed team members.
    • Valor Media is a PR and Marketing Agency focused on Fame Engineering.
    • https://thevalormedia.com/

    (6) Project Manager, Black Stripe Studio

    2022 - Present
    • Set up Asana to manage all streaming artwork projects.
    • Created and sent invoices to clients.
    • Interviewed, hired, and managed illustrators.
    • https://www.blackstripestudio.com/

    (7) MR Region Modality and Sales Leader, GE Healthcare

    2018 - 2020
    • Led the GE MR Sales Business in the greater LA area, managing multi-million dollar sales.
    • Positioned GE technology and identified the best technical and commercial solutions for customers including hospitals, outpatient facilities, and private offices.
    • Gained in-depth knowledge of greater LA sales territory, MR product lines, MR market, and sales process.
    • This also includes Deal Strategy, Pricing, Product Positioning, Business/Clinical Expertise, Competitive Analysis, and Product Training.
    • https://www.gehealthcare.com/products/magnetic-resonance-imaging



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